To provide unified mobile solutions to Iranian subscribers


To become the largest mobile services provider in Iran

Core value:

Mobiro believes intellectual capital is the number one asset, therefore offering a consistent career path to the staff is a priority, which in turn will empower them and the company to the ultimate vision. We believe that a necessity for any organization’s success is to provide growth opportunity for the staff. Therefore we are committed to bring about the opportunities so the staff can realize their potentials.


Parham Mobile Services Group has been active since 2011, under the brand name “Mobiro”. After only few years Mobiro is one of the most recognized names in the field of mobile value added services in Iran.

A young, creative and hardworking team with a proven track record of success have gathered in Mobiro. “Being the most credible mobile value added services organization in Iran” is what this team see in the horizon. One of the most notable goals of Mobiro is to provide various state-of-the-art integrated mobile services to all mobile users in the country. Therefore, Mobiro has been able to establish partnership with the two biggest Mobile operators in Iran.

Obtaining the “Digital publishers certificate” issued by Information Technology and Digital media Development Center has been another remarkable step which Mobiro has taken towards its goals. Thus this certificate has led Mobiro to be among the fewest Iranian organizations who are able to legally produce and publish educational, entertaining and cultural digital content.